Sunday, June 28, 2009

6 Years Ago Today...

Time for a little sappiness ladies and gentlemen! Break out your Tissues!
6 Years ago today in front of my family, friends and God I vowed to love, honor and cherish my best friend and most amazing PERSON I had ever met! With no questions, doubts or concerns I felt a sense of privilege and honor that I was going to be Mrs. Kristen S.. He chose me! How could I have been so lucky?
6 Years ago today was 1 of the most amazing days of my life! A years worth of preparation and planning for what I thought was going to be the BIGGEST day of my life went off with out a hitch! The flowers, food, favors and cake all exactly how I envisioned but at the end of the night I couldn't remember seeing any of it! I was so captivated by the emotions and the love that exuded from not only the new Mr and Mrs but everyone that surrounded us! Almost like an out of body experience...It was truly a love that I didn't know if I would ever feel again.
As I sit here and type this to the music of our first dance...

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I'm a blubbering mess of tears, a body full of Goose Bumps, and butterflies in my stomach because that overwhelming amount of love I felt that day still exist tonight!
Thank You my Darling Husband for giving me the most amazing life! You are what dreams are made of and 6 years later with no questions, doubts, or concerns I find it a privilege and a honor to be your wife and Mrs. Kristen S.. Happy Anniversary...I love you!



  1. What a beautiful wedding photo! Happy anniversary! Do you and your hubby have any big plans for celebrating?

  2. hi kristin,
    hey a fellow terrapin! wow, i don't think i've met one yet! we live just outside of dc, i love the eastern shore, i built a project in easton you can read about it in my second blog.. anyhwho i love to meet new sista's! :) what a beautiful blog, i'm picking up your button for my blog roll! happy anniversary! i'm a HUGE scrapbooker. love to run into you sometime! ps i love love love the music!

  3. Ok, 1.) you are STILL a whore that can SUCK BIG FAT EGGS because you are at the beach and 2.) you are a whore for making me feel GUILTY that Im calling you a "W" because it is your anniversary!! LOL

    You suck! All this ridiculous sweet as cotton candy bull crap with your LOVE and HAPPILY ever after; all AT THE BEACH I might add! BOO HOO Sucks to be you.

    HAHA, hope you are having fun miss fancy pants at the beach enveloped in all your sticky, sweet love. I will be HERE in the miserable sticky heat enveloped in ENVY!


  4. Ah, Congratulations!!! What a wonderful post. Makes me even more excited about my big day in just over 10 months!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great Post! Beautiful Blog! ; )

  6. happy anniversary! i am glad that 6 years later you are still happy! very cool.

  7. Just popped over from SITS! Hope you have a Happy 4th of July. Love your blog!

  8. Just stumbled across your blog and love it! happy anniversary. How exciting!

  9. Happy Anniversary. I hope you had a wonderful one.

  10. Happy Anniversary! LOVE your blog its beautiful :) And totally love your blogs name, I can relate!

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    Get in on our Giveaway and maybe even join our program:)We have many ways people can be involved... it's such a fun project & helps others at the same time...can't get better than that.


  11. aaawwww...I started crying again after reading that!!! IT TRULY WAS THE BEST WEDDING!!! You and Gus are so in LOVE and that is what made it so special especially!!!! Loved sharing that day with you both and also sharing all the other experiences since!!! SMOOCHES!!!!