Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stage Fright!

My 1st Blog Entry...Eeeeek!
I'm kind of nervous! I thought that having a blog would allow me to release some verbal tension, be some sort of therapy with out the bill at the end and now I'm feeling alil anxiety! Naked in front of the world...LOL! Somebody give me a ZANAX!!!
So I'm thinkin this will be a good place to not only share the good times and bad times in my everyday life but to also to utilize as a platform for my online boutique http://www.chaoticcreationsbykristen.com/ and any specials, new product releases and ideas to give a personalized gift with presentation. Because it's all about the presentation people! ;O)
I have spent COUNTLESS hours researching product lines to add to my site. I want to bring my buyers the widest selection of unique, personalized gifts possible all under one roof or URL. I currently have a waiting list of products coming on soon so please subscribe to my blog for updates and NICE comments are always welcome! I have done my best to make it an easy and FUN experience for each and every shopper no matter who their shopping for.