Thursday, January 28, 2010

Team Gretchen or Team Lynne??

Ok, so I have a few guilty pleasures aside from the occasional
(IV of Caffeine) Cup of Coffee and one of those is
Reality TV!!

Right now my line up consist of...

I'm Cheering for Tenley!

These Kids are Train Wreck! Always a "Situation"!

That's Right...and Proud! (Does this even count?)

Thank God She Finally has a Leg to Stand on! Patty's Engaged!


Premiers on Wednesday, Feb 3rd...SO EXCITED!!!

So Anyway for those of you that share this guilt with me...what did you think of tonight's episode of OC Housewives? That was some serious Drama at the Ladies Luncheon!
Lynne was a Blubbering Mess but I feel REALLY bad for her! I think she's sincere when she says she's trying to be the "Best Mom" (aren't we all) but COME ON...I just want to Shake Her!!!
As for Gretchen...I do think she crossed a line in approaching Alexa w/out talking with Lynne 1st but I think her intentions were good!
So Are you,
"Team Gretchen" or "Team Lynne" ?


  1. Eek, I don't watch that show. HOWEVER, I am totally on Team Tenley for The Bachelor!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. I'm sooooooo team nobody on that show, the real housewives. I can't stand any of them. I do love the millionaire matchmaker lady. She is too cool. Jersy Shore...I watch but can't stop saying "Ick!" Love your blog.

  3. team gretchen...if i gotta pick one. I feel sorry for lynn too...but she is pathetic as a parent. You don't respond to a 15 yr old saying she was hungover by saying, oh that's real nice, lets go shopping. huh?
    my mother would have opened an xtra large can of whoop-@#$ for the first Whatever that came out of my mouth....let alone all the nonsense lynn and her husband allow. it seems to me gretchen said something to lynn prior to meeting with a previous episode.
    but...all that being said all those women need a slice of humble pie
    popping by from sits :)

  4. I'm hooked on the Bachelor, too. Love Tenly; kinda like Allie. I also watch the Millionaire Matchmaker occasionally and enjoy it. The others don't interest me. I watched the Housewives of NYC a couple of years ago, but decided not to watch anymore after that one ended.

  5. I have to admit...I didn't watch any of these shows until recently. Then one fateful day I got sucked into a Jersey Shore marathon and I realized that gosh I just love to hate these idiots. :)

    As far as the Bachelor...I've been enjoying reading peoples' recaps in blogs just as much as the show!

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, lady! Yours rocks!

  6. When my daughter had shoulder surgery over winter break, we watched Jersey Shore, over and over again. I have to say I was oddly attracted to these low-lifes! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

    Goodbye to a Great Kitty Cat

  7. Hey there SITSta!
    I'm definitely with Team Gretchen. I feel like she's coming from a good place. She did speak with Lynne prior to talking to Alexa. In fact, they showed the clip in the two previous episodes.
    I do feel sorry for Lynne in the sense that parenting teenagers is a crazy, scary thing. However, I feel like from what we've seen on the show she really doesn't *listen* to them.
    She also seems to have a different set of priorities. Who in the world lets their daughter have a nose job because "it'll give her confidence"? Whatever happened to loving ourselves for who we are. It also bothered me that her husband mentioned that they really couldn't afford Lynne's facelift and the older daughter's nose job, but that he couldn't say no. Really people...
    Anyhow, I can't wait to see what happens on tonight's episode. All in all, being the parent of teens is tough. It definitely isn't for the faint of heart.
    I really enjoyed your blog!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  8. I only watch 2 of the shows you listed...The bachelor (and OMG! SO SO SO disappointed tonite! ACK!) and jersey shore (LOL)

    Looking forward to meeting you at Bloggy Bootcamp. (LOVE your shop too!)

  9. Dude we are soul mates! We'll have to talk Bachelor at Bloggy Boot Camp this weekend! See you soon:)